Lubavitch MAT


The Trustees of the MAT work closely with LSGS’s Senior Leadership Team and Staff to develop the vision and aims of the school and academies. They seek to raise standards and achievement through the appropriate use of all available resources.

The Trustees’ responsibilities are to:

  • Provide strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school.
  • Support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school.
  • Ensure accountability for standards and quality of education in the school.

Governance is assessed by OFSTED in its Leadership and Management judgement about the school.

The Trustees of the Lubavitch MAT consists of people from a variety of backgrounds who represent different areas of the school and local community.


As a school we recognise that a diversity of thought, voices and perspectives is essential to good governance and the effective running of any organisation. We regularly collect diversity information from our governors and, depending on current data, can use this to:

  • target recruitment to address gaps in experience and diversity
  • develop and adapt board practices to ensure full participation
  • prioritise training and awareness-raising in identified areas
  • address potential ‘blind spots’ through seeking wider advice and perspectives on current and upcoming opportunities, challenges and risks

However, we are unable to publish this information as it would mean that individual members of our governing body are identifiable. 

Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust Key Personnel 2023-24


Ms Jan Tallis (from 13/1/20)

    Rabbi Pesach Efune (from 1/4/18)

Rabbi Yeremyia Angyalfi (from 1/4/18)

Mr Bill Holledge (from 17/1/20)



Rabbi Daniel Duboy (from 1/4/18)

        Rabbi Sholem Ber Sudak (from 2/12/19)

Mrs Hadasa Korer (from 29/4/20)

Mr Matthew Nyman (25/1/22)

Mr Kevin Hogarth (from 29/4/20)

Mr Joel Berman ( 13/12/21) 

Ms Jo Franklin (6/2/22)



Chair & Interim Safeguarding Trustee

Mrs Hadasa Korer



Kevin Hogarth - SEND Trustee

Rabbi S Sudak


Clerk to Trustees

Mr Stephen Ross, Clerk Associates



Finance & Audit

Chair - Mr Joel Berman 


Executive Head Mrs Judith Nemeth

 Accounting Officer Mrs Judith Nemeth   

Chief Financial Officer Mrs Sophie Macader (from 1/9/23)




Head Teacher of Senior School Mrs Helen Freeman

 Head Teacher of Primary Girls' School Mrs Judith Nemeth

Head of Primary Boys' School Rabbi Y L Kohn

Senior Girls' School Kodesh Leadership Team 

Miss  S Keselman   Operations Manager

 Mrs C  Pruss    Staffing , Kodesh allocation and teacher development

 Mrs C  Tunk     Machaneches and Kodesh curriculum development

Head of Kodesh Primary Girls Mrs Emmanuelle Potash


LMAT Religious Authority Chabad Lubavitch UK


The Trustees can be contacted via the clerk


 Statements from the Trustees can be found here



Register of Interests can be found here

Scheme of Delegation can be found here.

 Declarations can be found below:


Academy sponsor: The Lubavitch Multi-Academy Trust  

Certificate of Incorporation 

Scheme of Governance and Delegation

Trust Board and Committee Attendance 2019-20

LSGS Proprietors: Lubavitch UK 
Lubavitch House, 107-115 Stamford Hill, London, N16 5RP 

The Lubavitch MAT is a  Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption. There are 5 Members and 7 Trustees - the registered office is 107-115 Stamford Hill, London, United Kingdom, N16 5RP (Trustees details are available at


Annual reports and accounts


The accounts filed for 2021 and audit can be found here and here

The annual report for 2022 can be found here

The annual report for 2023 can be found here


For the previous year ending 31 August 2023, the Trust had 0 employees with gross annual salary and benefits of £100,000 or more.

Salary Band

Number of Employees

£100,000 - £110,000


£110,000 - £120,000


£120,000 - £130,000




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Get in Touch

Trustees recognise the vital need for governance to be grounded in reality by gaining a full understanding of the views and needs of pupils, staff, parents, carers, the Lubavitch community and wider community. We welcome any feedback which can be sent to:


This acts as an ongoing channel for Trustees to be informed at our monthly Board meetings to help shape strategic decisions and is separate to the complaints procedure which can be found here.